HostBill All-Inclusive

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OnApp - OwnCloud - DirectAdmin - SolusVM - Zimbra & More

Focus on Growing Your Business. Not Software

  • Sell & Manage any services online
  • All Paid Apps for free - Colocation Manager, IP Address Manager, Inventory Manager
  • All Paid Order Pages for free - for Cloud, for VPN, for Shared
  • All Paid Integrations for free - OnApp, Cloudstack, OpenStack
  • All Paid Client Portals for free - Cloud themes, Flat UI themes, Metro themes
  • White Label - Re-brand your client portal

HostBill All-Inclusive - Features

HostBill All-Inclusive Included In License
   Standard Billing Features
   Hosting Apps
  Provisioning Apps
  Client Portals
  Order Pages
License Details
   License type
  • Owned
  Money-back guarantee?
  Priority support
  • 4-24h.
  Installation service
  • We install & setup
  Enterprise-grade performance
  Weekly updates
  Unlimited staff members
  • Yes
  Unlimited clients
  • Yes
  Security Upgrades
  • Lifetime
  Feature Updates
  Development capabilities
  • Included: API Access - Learn more
  • Included: Hooks/Events Access - Learn more
  • Devkit access – $999 one time fee - additional option
  • Custom Development Service - Learn more
  Entire license agreement
   Easy install script For: Debian, CentOS 6/7.x 64-bit
   Server Requirements
  • Operating System: Any
  • Memory: 2-4 GB
  • Disk: 1x20GB
  • Software requirements: Learn more
  • HostBill updates itself automatically, with new releases every week. Learn more
   Support tickets included
Number of tickets to use within 1 year after purchase
  • 100
   Response time
  • 4-12h
  Bug reports
  Optional support after 1 year
  Tier 1 Support
  • Senior Developer                  
  Ticket bundles