Billing & Automation
Date Name Product Action
02-28-2015 Possible minor issue that can cripple pdf generation HostBill Learn more
12-19-2014 Minor SQLi vulnerability HostBill Learn more
10-31-2014 Minor XSS vulnerability HostBill Learn more
08-08-2014 Added option disable automatic bans on failed login for some ip/subnets HostBill Learn more
03-12-2014 Removed medium threat adminarea blind XSS/CSRF vulnerability HostBill Learn more
03-03-2014 Removed medium threat adminarea CSRF vulnerability HostBill Learn more
02-25-2014 Removed medium threat blind SQL Injection applicable for authorized staff members HostBill Learn more
01-03-2014 Medium Security Threat: Estimate (Client) Input Validation Failure Client Area Learn more
01-03-2014 Minor Security Issue: Submit Ticket (Hidden Department) Input Validation Failure Client Area Learn more
12-14-2013 Removed concerning XSS Vulnerability HostBill Learn more
11-06-2013 Possible SQL Injection vulnerability discovered HostBill Learn more
05-31-2013 Auto-ban on failed login attempt for admin usernames not present in database HostBill Learn more
05-10-2013 Random passwords may occur w/o special chars even if configured HostBill Learn more
03-01-2013 Potential XSS security issue in cart HostBill Learn more
12-07-2012 Its now possible to limit access for certain API functions for API ID/Keys from admin interface HostBill Learn more
11-23-2012 Potential xss vulnerability on selected cart templates HostBill Learn more
10-19-2012 SQL Injection Vulnerability discovered in clientarea section HostBill Learn more
10-19-2012 Spoofing request can lead to 0.00 order total and account auto-creation Cart Learn more
10-19-2012 Cross-host request allows to change install_url value in database HostBill Learn more
10-12-2012 Client & Admin passwords are now stored using bcrypt HostBill Learn more
09-07-2012 Potential XSS vulnerability in clientarea HostBill Learn more
09-07-2012 Potential LFD vulnerability in clientarea trough YML library HostBill Learn more
09-07-2012 Minor security threat in ticketing system browsed from clientarea Tickets Learn more
07-13-2012 Potential XSS security threat during new order placed trough clientarea on various orderpages HostBill Learn more
07-13-2012 DNS Management: Potential security issue in client management panel for dns actions Client Area Learn more
06-21-2012 Possible xss vulnerability in clientarea security panel Client Area Learn more
06-07-2012 Potential security problem with listing all vms from clientarea OnApp Learn more
06-07-2012 Removed potential xss security risk from gateway log Admin Area Learn more
06-07-2012 Removed potential xss security risk from invoice details screen Client Area Learn more
05-03-2012 Could not add new ip bans in Security settings, added missing translations Admin Area Learn more
03-12-2012 Security Banned IPs tab doesn't refreash to its content Admin Area Learn more
02-24-2012 Security rules: check 'Deny' rules first, 'Allow' rules last Admin Area Learn more
01-26-2012 Additional security checks during new ticket creation HostBill Learn more
12-21-2011 Additional CSRF security prevention in clientarea OnApp Learn more
12-21-2011 Additional security measures on form submissions HostBill Learn more
12-21-2011 Additional IP checks added to admin authorization HostBill Learn more
12-21-2011 Its possible to preview other Virtual Machine's firewall rules OnApp Learn more
12-21-2011 Generated passwords ignore the rules that were saved in Security settings HostBill Learn more
12-05-2011 Potential security risk when using support tickets and Smarty library not in secure mode HostBill Learn more
12-05-2011 Module security has been improved, its not possible to bypass javascript validation now RegBlackList Learn more
Billing & Automation
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