14 Nov, 2022 1.201209

Sell and automate Windows-based Shared Hosting with HostBill and WebsitePanel


WebsitePanel, formerly known as DotNetPanel, is an open-source control panel built exclusively for the Windows web technology platform. With the Website Panel module for HostBill you will gain the capability to sell shared hosting and reseller hosting services. The module provides automatic provisioning and management of the accounts and enables to automatically upgrade or downgrade hosting plans. The client can display access details in our user-friendly client area, while our well-designed admin area lets you manage billing details and control account lifecycle.

  • Integration Features:
  • Billing
  • Client Area
  • Admin Area
  • Documentation
  • Changelog
  • Sell Shared Hosting
  • Sell Reseller Hosting


  • Create Account
  • Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Plan

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