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Introduce Affiliate program in your on-line company

Increase your sales, gain more traffic, improve search engine rankings by introducing Affiliate program with built-in HostBill affiliate capabilities.


Learn from biggest names in hosting industry – affiliate programs have major impact on sales in on-line businesses. HostBill as all-in-one tool comes with built-in, feature-rich affiliate solution seamlessly integrated with its billing features. Key features:

Percentage or fixed commissions
Recurring commissions available
Easy to add marketing tools like banners or links
Built-in bonuses for becoming affiliate

Commission Plans

Each service you sell comes with different margin – so don’t loose money on fixed commissions. With HostBill you can create unlimited commission plans, with various commission rates, set depending on service billing cycle and/or price.

Choose which plans offers recurring commissions, so you can affiliate can get paid each time referred customer pays for service.

Affiliate Vouchers

Add another weapon to your marketing artillery – Affiliate Vouchers. With this easy to use feature your affiliate will be able to generate coupon codes that will give discount to referred sign-ups. Discount comes from your affiliate commission, and its up to him to decide how much money he wants to earn from each referred customer. You get new customer, affiliate gets commission, and end customer is happy from discount he received – it’s a win-win-win situation!

Automated Solution

HostBill as business-automation tool can make your affiliate program also hassle-free part of your business.

With monthly automated reports your affiliate is up-to-date with his earnings
You can set delay for each commission approval, to reduce money lost from
fraudulent orders
Money earned by affiliate can be used as store-credit with your HostBill

Billing & Automation
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