Free / Paid Fields

Product configuration in HostBill is made trough extremely flexible Forms, where you can choose whether certain form element should be free or paid option. Currently you can add pricing to Slider, QTY Input, Drop-down, Check-box and Radio Select form elements.

Note: If you're configuring OnApp product you can fetch all Os templates into Form element to skip steps 1-3 - watch how.

Configuring prices of new or duplicate existing Form element
  1. Go to Settings->Products & Services->{Your orderpage}->{Your product}->Forms and click on Add new form field, select field type you wish to add or duplicate.
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  3. Set field name and basic settings, save changes
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  5. Add your field values under Values tab
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  7. When all form elements are added you will be able to set pricing. On elements that you wish to add price click on Money Icon, tick Enable pricing options, and provide price settings. If you wish to disable certain pricing option set it price to 0. To submit changes click on Save Changes
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    Video Guide

    Video: Result of configuring free / paid Form elements in order page.

    Video: Configuring paid OS Templates for OnApp products.