PayOnline System step by step configuration

Follow these steps to configure your PayOnline System payment gateway in a minute!

1. Login to your merchant account at
2. Change language to English. Choose EN in the upper right corner.
3. From the left menu, choose Sites
4. Then choose your Site


5. Choose Integration settings tab

6. Click on Change
7. Change Config:

Security mode: Standart
Callback Url for approved transactions: {http://hostbill.url}/{hostbill_path}/includes/modules/Payment/callback/payonlinesystem_callback.php
Callback Url for declined transactions: {http://hostbill.url}/{hostbill_path}/includes/modules/Payment/callback/payonlinesystem_callback.php?status=fail
Check "Enable Callback on declined transactions"
Callback url encoding: UTF-8
Callback method: POST

8. Save changes

PayOnline System Gateway

Configure PayOnline System in few seconds!

PayOnline System cron plugin

checking payments status, it is mandatory for payonlinesystem gateway to work, for details watch Configure PayOnline cron plugin that check's payment status video