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Simple Bugtracker Module

An no-nonsense bugtracker for your projects.
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You have your customer base, you want to start some project and iron out bugs that will eventually pop up. You can go with software bloated with features that you wont use, or simple, customer/community driven solution which integrates seamlessly with your HostBill!

Supported Features

  • Accessible from your HostBill clientarea
  • Clients can post bugs and review open cases to check for simmilar issues.
  • Clients can vote for issues - simple "It bugs me too!" and "Its not relevant" Yes/No voting system for bugs lets you easily focus on most urgent cases.
  • Simple moderation utility - remove spam & temporarily ban customer from posting new issues with one click.
  • 3 statuses, Open, Not a Bug, Fixed - all you need as moderator to maintain bugs.
  • Staff comment feature.
  • Organise bugs in categories.
  • Automated changelog generator.
  • Gravatar for client profile.


Standard Version



One time fee

Developer Version

  • Source Code Included
  • Lifetime license
  • Full functionality


One time fee
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