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Apr 18th
HostBill 2013-04-18 - Bug fixes release, New admin email notification about incoming transaction Learn more
Apr 11th
HostBill 2013-04-11 - Bug fixes release, Copy email in client profile with single click Watch video Learn more
Apr 04th
HostBill 2013-04-04 - Bug fixes release Learn more
Mar 29th
HostBill 2013-03-29 - Cloudy - new HostBill clientarea theme Watch video Learn more
Mar 22nd
HostBill 2013-03-22 - PostgreeSQL support for PowerDNS Learn more
Mar 8th
HostBill 2013-03-08 - Attachments in admin notes Watch video Learn more
Mar 3rd
HostBill 2013-03-03 - Security update Learn more
Mar 1st
HostBill 2013-03-01 - Introducing new, improved OnApp integration with VM size billing Learn more
Feb 22nd
HostBill 2013-02-22 - Domain discounts per client group Watch video Learn more
Feb 13th
HostBill 2013-02-13 - Client Invoice Item Queue updates Watch video Learn more
Feb 6th
HostBill 2013-02-06 - New domain module OnApp module updated for v3.2 Learn more
Jan 30th
HostBill 2013-01-30 - New payment gateway Learn more
Jan 23rd
HostBill 2014-01-23 - New release - Learn more

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